Arterial hypertension icd 10

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Definition and diagnosis of hypertension Aortic stenosis 2. Ischemic heart disease risk factors, manifestations, diagnosis Rehabilitation in cardiology 3.

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Heart failure common causes, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, stages Diagnosis and treatment of secondary hypertension 4. Stable angina pectoris, vasospastic angina diagnosis and treatment Pulmonary hypertension 5.

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Pharmaceutical, interventional and surgical treatment options of the acute coronary syndrome Infective endocarditis 7. Primary and secondary prevention of myocardial infarction Mitral insufficiency 8. Early and late complications of myocardial infarction Mitral stenosis 9.

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Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction Atherosclerosis risk factors, pathophysiology, risk assessment, treatmenttarget organ manifestations Acute aortic syndromes, aortic aneurysm Arterial hypertension icd 10 treatment of arrhythmias Heart disease in pregnancy Non-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical treatment of hypertension Congenital heart diseases Risk factors of ischemic heart disease and the treatment of risk factors Noninvasive cardiology examinations Congenital heart diseases with shunt Supraventricular arrhythmias classification, treatment Obliterative arterial disease of the lower limbs risk factors, stages, diagnosis Ventricular arrhythmias classification, treatment Tricuspidal and pulmonary valve diseases Atrial fibrillation, pathophysiology, causes, diagnosis — manifestations, thromboembolic risk assessment Buerger-disease, Great vessel vasculitis Acute and long term treatment of atrial fibrillation A pericardial diseases, forms of the pericarditis Abnormal impulse generation and abnormal impulse conduction basic mechanisms, sick sinus syndrome, SA and AV blockclinical relevancies Antiplatelet-aggregation therapy, anticoagulant and thrombolytic treatment Syncope causes, differential diagnosis Obliterative arterial disease of the lower limbs treatment forms: conservative, interventional and surgical Invasive electrophysiological examination, ablation treatment Primary and secondary prevention in cardiology and angiology.

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